We understand how overwhelming packing and unpacking can be throughout the moving process. To make things easier, we offer full (everything from floor to ceiling) and partial (some furnishings and possessions, but not all) packing services that will help to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We require a minimum of 48-hours advance notice and we will charge the same hourly rate as your move for packing your belongings plus the cost of all packing materials.

Let us know

Please let us know if you have any fragile or breakable items that need special care and we recommend that you provide your own personal transportation for items of significant sentimental and/or financial value.

Please inquire about our flat rate pricing for complete packing services with specific information about the size of your space and load, as well as your moving dates and destination info.

Self-packing and boxes delivery

Some customers prefer to pack their own belongings. If this is your preference, we offer box delivery at no charge within the greater Boston area and we charge $50.00 for box delivery outside of the Greater Boston area. Any remaining boxes after the move will be collected by Grey Wolf Moving and you will only be charged for the boxes that you use. Please, see the section below to estimate the number of boxes you will need.

Studio Apartment

Small boxes 10
Medium Boxes 7
Large Boxes 4
Dish Pack 1
Packing Paper 10lb 1
Tape 2

Total price $100

1 Bedroom

Small boxes 13
Medium Boxes 10
Large Boxes 6
Dish Pack 2
Packing Paper 10lb 2
Tape 2

Total price $150

2 Bedroom

Small boxes 17
Medium Boxes 13
Large Boxes 8
Dish Pack 3
Packing Paper 10lb 2
Tape 3

Total price $200

3 Bedroom

Small boxes 25
Medium Boxes 16
Large Boxes 10
Dish Pack 4
Packing Paper 10lb 2
Tape 4

Total price $250


Safety and efficiency is important to Grey Wolf Moving. The safest and most practical way of packing is to place heavy objects into smaller boxes and lighter items into big boxes. Overstuffed boxes are at risk for breaking or collapsing during the move and are often awkward and too bulky to stack effectively in the moving truck. In addition, extremely heavy boxes will require more than one mover to carry, which could result in delays. Please fill the boxes completely to the top and use as much packing paper as necessary to protect your belongings and fill the gaps of the box.

Feel free to call our office with any questions at (817) 600-6556